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New! Haihaisoft DRM-X Features

DRM-X 4.0 - HTML5 DRM:

DRM-X 4.0 supports HTML5 DRM for protected video. It allows the delivery of DRM-protected media through the browser without the use of plugins such as Flash or Silverlight. Your customer only needs to install Xvast browser. Xvast is a powerful browser based-on Google Chrome with built-in Browser DRM support.
With HTML5 Video DRM support, streaming protected media online is much stable and reliable than before. Xvast browser also support playback protected video locally in browser without internet connection. Learn More...

DRM-X 3.0

- Cross Platform DRM:

One of the very important new feature in DRM-X 3.0 is that it supports protected content playback in multi-platform, including Windows, Mac, and iOS. It helps content owners reach 99% of computer users and major internet connected portable device users in the world. Learn More...

- Mobile DRM:
Smartphone market is growing dramatically. DRM-X supports view protected Audio/Video and PDF on iPhone/iPad and Android devices. DRM-X 3.0 provides iOS DRM(iPhone DRM) and Android DRM solutions for content providers to reach more customers especially iPhone,iPad/iPod and Android Mobile users. Learn More...

Haihaisoft Media-DRM Features

Haihaisoft DRM Solution

In the past, owners of valuable content could not turn to a trusted and viable option for the licensing, distribution and sale of their digital or streaming products online. Content management systems were difficult to implement, did not interface with transaction processors and could not offer a licensing option that protected against piracy. These issues left content owners wishing for a solution, one that would allow them the freedom to efficiently sell their content. Today, Haihaisoft provides content publishers with online payment services to sell and deliver music, video and other digital media content over the Internet in an encrypted file format. Many companies only offer a single link in the digital media distribution chain, but Haihaisoft provides a cost-efficient, secure end-to-end path for the delivery and sale of valuable content to the increasing market of worldwide Internet consumers.

How it works?

Content owners can securely package their digital files for distribution by Media-DRM Packager encrypting the content with a key. The key is a piece of encrypted data that is used to unlock a file. To play a packaged file, the consumer must obtain a license that contains this key. The license, which is distributed separately from the content, enables the content owner to set rules that determine how the packaged file can be played. Once a license has been received, a consumer can watch or listen to the file based on the rules arranged by the content owner.

About Haihaisoft Media-DRM

Haihaisoft Media-DRM (digital rights management) is a powerful service platform based-on Windows Media Technology and web. You can download Media-DRM packager to encrypt content, and manage rights and profiles on Media-DRM.com. Media-DRM makes it easy to protect and securely deliver content by subscription or individual request for playback on a computer, or portable device, such as mobile, PDA, and mp3 player.

From March 2004, Haihaisoft provide Media DRM service, and became Microsoft Windows Media Service Provider. Now Haihaisoft Media-DRM service is widely used by content providers and is already delivered over 55 million licenses.

To get started with Media-DRM, simply visit www.media-drm.com. You'll be guided through a simple sign-up process, and install Media-DRM packager to encrypt your content. With simple configuration in your Media-DRM Account, you can securely deliver your content by anyway, starting maximize the value of your content!

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