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Distrbute your digital content freely online while still retaining full control.

Media-DRM Packager Download

Haihaisoft Media-DRM (digital rights management) is a powerful service platform based-on Windows Media Technology and web. You can download Media-DRM packager to encrypt content, and manage rights and profiles on Media-DRM.com. Media-DRM makes it easy to protect and securely deliver content by subscription or individual request for playback on a computer, or portable device, such as mobile, PDA, and mp3 player.

From March 2004, Haihaisoft provide Media DRM service, and became Microsoft Windows Media Service Provider. Now Haihaisoft Media-DRM service is widely used by content providers and is already delivered over 55 million licenses.

To get started with Media-DRM, simply visit www.media-drm.com. You'll be guided through a simple sign-up process, and install Media-DRM packager to encrypt your content. With simple configuration in your Media-DRM Account, you can securely deliver your content by anyway, starting maximize the value of your content!

Media-DRM Packager is a windows application that encrypts media files. Media-DRM needs internet connection, and for security reasons that you need to login Media-DRM packager to encrypt media files. Media-DRM packager reads all the DRM license profiles and rights settings you defined in Media-DRM account. You can batch create new license profiles and encrypt media files with Media-DRM packager.

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Media-DRM Packager is based on .NET Framework 1.1, if you don't have .NET Framework installed, you will be reminded to install it. For downloading .NET Framework 1.1, please visit Related Downloads.

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